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Our Belties


Welcome to the Belties of Manx Station. We feel privileged to serve as stewards for these wonderful heritage breed cattle. We started our herd in the early 1990s. Our herd now consists of predominantly black Belted Galloway cattle, with a few red and dun colored cattle and a few red devons.



Belted Galloways are an extremely hardy rare heritage breed developed in Scotland.  While very picturesque with their white belts, these cattle have many positive characteristics working for them.  They are polled, even tempered, medium sized, and are diverse foragers. Their double under and outer coat protects them from cold without requiring the heavy fat layer of most breeds.  Thus, they naturally have less cholesterol and more beneficial Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acid levels compared to other breeds
     The special attributes of Belties are increasingly seen as valuable to a cattle industry that is recognizing the environmental and health benefits of grassfed/pasture raised beef. We have drawn from the genetics of many of the strong herds in the U. S. and would be pleased if we can help you to have and enjoy these cattle as we do. We have just a few good animals for sale each year.

Grassfed Beef

We do offer sales of grassfed beef to selected restaurants and to anyone able to pick up beef at the farm.  The health benefits of grassfed beef compared to grain-finished beef are significant and we are pleased to offer a high quality product.   

  • Individual cuts are available in freezers at the farm, just call ahead to make sure we will be available to greet you.  Please email us to request a price list

  • Quarters and sides may be available by preordering for fall or early winter delivery.  Hanging weight for a quarter will be approximately 120-140 lbs. This results in around 80-95 lbs of packaged cuts.  You would specify your cutting order (types and size of cuts) by phone with our processor. Special processing such as hamburger patties have an additional charge.  All cuts will be vacuum packed and frozen.  When ready we will contact you to pick up your order at our farm.  If you desire additional ground beef or other cuts, we normally have individual cuts available at the farm as well.  If you are interested, we ask for $100 deposit in order to place an order.  I will be happy to answer any questions.


          is The Taste Test,
“The USDA Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) at Clay Center, Nebraska conducted extensive testing of multiple beef animal traits during the period of 1986 to 1990. The results of the overall study indicated that no one breed excelled in all of the traits important to the beef industry; that each breed may contribute different and potentially valuable genetics. What the research did reveal was that the Galloway excelled in the beef quality trait areas of Flavor and Juiciness … meaning that Galloway beef ranked first in taste. This outcome is of significant importance in itself.

            how It is Raised on Our Farm,

pesticide and herbicide-free for at least 40 years.  Manx Station raises livestock without steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. All hay is obtained from a local farmer specializing in feed grown with no or minimal pesticides and herbicides.  Livestock are pasture raised and enjoy our hilly pastures from birth.  It is important to know how your food is produced.

           and How to Cook Grassfed Beef,

if you want to assure beef that is moist and flavorful.  Please see our tips for proper cooking of grassfed beef.

Just as important:

More information about the history and attributes of belted galloway cattle and also the positive attributes of Beltie beef is available from the Belted Galloway Society at:

Manx Station

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