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     Manx kittens are a joy and you can see that they come in nearly all colors and patterns.  Photos are provided here for your enjoyment We do limited breeding and have only a few kittens available each year.  If you are actively looking for a kitten, you should also check with the CFA  and TICA  for any Manx breeders that have chosen to be listed with them and check for cat shows near you where you might browse around and talk to breeders and owners for more information.


Please note that the photos shown were taken over many years.  Some colors/patterns only appear rarely.  Strong preferences definitely limits availability when looking for a kitten.

Fall 2023 kittens from our dam, Que Sera Sera, and sire, Everett, have now been placed and are exploring their new homes


Kittens born 9/5/23           


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         Grade School

         Junior High

Manx Station

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