The Rocking Horse


     Our CFA & TICA registered kittens are healthy & intelligent.  Manx are well known to be avid hunters so we can offer no guarantee as to the safety of your pet mouse.

The kittens are litter box trained as soon as they start to walk about on their own. They are used to a varied diet of raw, canned, and dry food.

     They are accustomed to a lot of activity around the household, as well as overly enthusiastic dogs!
Each Manx kitten has his or her own personality which continues to develop over time. We get to enjoy this fascinating process unfold for the first 12 weeks of their life and their new family gets to watch it from then on!!


     At this time, regretfully, we must inform you that the number of requests we receive exceeds the number of kittens we produce here at Manx Station Farm where our attention is divided between our cows, horses, goats, and family pets. We are blessed with just a few litters of Manx each year.   We are not keeping a wait list, but we do post kittens on our facebook page when any are available.   Otherwise, you may check with the CFA  and TICA  for any Manx breeders that have chosen to be listed with them and check for cat shows near you where you might browse around and talk to breeders and owners for more information. Please check our website & Facebook page every season for a change in available kitten status.

         Until then, Best of luck in your search for one of these rare and unique cats.

                Sincerely, Vicki & Glen


Please note that the photos shown were taken over many years.  Only some of the colors/patterns/etc. are available each year.  Strong preferences definitely limits availability.

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Manx Station

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