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Manx Station Farm is committed to:
  • Raising and conserving heritage breeds: Belted Galloway cattle, Bashkir Curly horses, and Manx cats.

  • Pasture raising animals in a natural environment and producing healthy food

  • Providing the highest quality grassfed beef

What is a Curly



a rare and extremely hardy, calm, gentle, intelligent, hypoallergenic, performance capable horse with a curly winter coat found among the wild mustangs of the American west.


A far more complete description and history is provided by the American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry. 

Please see:   

While we do not have the time to breed Curlies, we ride regularly and continually work on training both us and them to create a stonger partnership.  We feel they are a wonderful breed and enjoy introducing them and promoting the breed to any and all with the slightest interest.

A Few Other Scenes Around the Farm

Manx Station

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