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Adding a member to your family.....


     If you are ready for the joy and responsibility of sharing your life with and caring for a Manx kitten, seek out a reputable breeder to help you succeed.  A good Manx breeder will seek to keep the gene pool ever widening for healthy and strong pure-bred Manx.  We feel it is best if all kittens are handled and played with from birth. If they are highly socialized to people and pets it will maximize their naturally interactive and entertaining personalities.  Every litter is unique in its own way, and they never cease to surprise and amuse us!           

The Joy of Pickup Day

When breeders have a litter of kittens, they will watch and nurture them for some time before deciding which ones will be available for show, breeding, or as pets.  Usually kittens are ready for their new homes when they reach 12-16 weeks, having received 2 Distemper/Combo vaccinations, and been wormed and Vet checked.   Caring for a kitten as soon as it is available to you will facilitate strong bonding with its new family.  


Manx Station

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