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to our world in upstate New York.


Enjoying and sharing our love of our heritage breeds: Manx Cats, Curly horses, and Belted Galloway cattle.  Pasture raising animals in a natural environment and producing healthy food.


​Manx Cats
Manx cats, with their wonderful dog-like personalities are a rare breed we love to share.  Read on to learn more about this special breed.
Belted Galloway Cattle
a rare and beautiful heritage breed~  developed in Scotland, that has less cholesterol and more beneficial fatty acids compared to other breeds. Research has revealed that the Galloway excelled in the beef quality trait areas of Flavor and Juiciness ... meaning that Galloway beef ranked first in taste. This outcome is of significant importance in itself.
Curly Horses
sharing the joys of a unique and rare equine~ their curly coat quickly draws attention but they possess numerous admirable traits.  This is a hypoallergenic medium size and very hardy horse.  For many, their most cherished quality may be their calmness and extremely gentle disposition.  They are usually intelligent, learn quickly and have excelled in a wide variety of performance events. 

Vicki and Glen

Manx Station

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